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European Rookie CUP 2017 | Final Tournament

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European Rookie CUP 2015

Live-Scoring of the Final Tournament available!

For the six games of the Final Tournament of the European Rookie Cup 2015 from Friday until Sunday there is a Live-Scoring available under following link:


Friday, the 10th of April:

EAC Junior Capitals - Fehervar AV19   5:4 n.V (0:1, 3:3,1:0,1:0)
HK Triglav Kranj - MAC Budapest   3:5 (2:1,1:1,0:3)


Saturday, the 11th of April:

Fehervar AV19 - HK Triglav Kranj   1:2 n.P (1:1,0:0,0:0,0:0,0:1)
MAC Budapest - EAC Junior Capitals 2:3 n.P. (2:0,0:2,0:0,0:0,0:1)


Sunday, the 12th of April:

Fehervar AV19 - MAC Budapest   3:4 n.P. (0:2,1:1,2:0,0:0,0:1)
EAC Junior Capitals - HK Triglav Kranj   2:1 (1:1,0:0,1:0)

  • Winner of the 1st European Rookie CUP 2015: EAC Junior Capitals

Final tournament of the European Rookie-Cup 2015

From the 10th until the 12th of April the four in the Playoff-Tournaments qualified teams meet in Salzburg for the Final Tournament of the European Rookie Cup 2015.

In the last weeks already the four Playoff Tournaments with four teams each took place at Munich (GER), Ljubljana (SLO), Kaposvar (HUN) and St. Pölten (AUT) and the winner of each event qualified for the Final Tournament. Fehervar AV19, the EAC Junior Capitals from Vienna, MAC Budapest and HK Triglav Kranj will meet at Salzburg and fight for the European Rookie Cup 2015.
MAC Budapest (at Ljubljana) and HK Triglv Kranj (at St. Pölten) both won all three games of their Playoff Tournaments while Fehervar and the Junior Capitals had to fight harder in their groups. In the deciding game for the qualification the Hungarians beat HC Mladi Jesenice in a tight game 4:3 after overtime and also the EAC Junior Capitals won the essential game versus UTE Budapest in the overtime 3:2.
With these four qualifiers set, two Hungarian squads and one team from Austria and one from Slovenia are part of the Final Tournament.

Besides the games also various workshops were held in each venue with the topics Anti-Doping, Game Manipulation and Equality & Respect, what educated and sensitized the young sportsmen in the current problems in sports in general.
The focus at the Final-Tournament is on one side on Referees and Coaches within the youth program (U16). The referees and coaches will have the same lectures about the project-topics (Anti-Doping / Match-Fixing / Discrimination) as the players had at the first two Tournament-weekends. Additionally there will be On- and Off-Lectures by experienced coaches of Vierumäki and also discussion- and workshop-panels about “Physical Activity – Recruiting”.

 “We are sure that the coaches can be the multipliers to all the other coaches, teams and players of the seven participating countries of the European Rookie Cup. I am already looking forward to the Tournament of the four best teams of the EUROCUP and excited for the three days in Salzburg”, said Head of the Project, Mag. Axel Bammer.

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